About Us

Our children are the foundation to the future. They are our pride and joy.  We, as parents, always wants what is best for our children, but with the good things, there comes a big cost to it. Floweer Blooms’ goal is to provide good quality products for our kids with reasonable price.

We've been through it all as parents, aunties, uncles, and older siblings when it comes to shopping for the little ones. We can totally understand you! That is why we created this store to help all parents out there or to anyone that love shopping for their little ones! Our shop is designed to provide you products that no other store in town will have. We sell the products for an affordable reasonable price because we know how expensive things can be! 

Flower Blooms' products and clothing line base is in China. Yes, that means our manufacture is in China. Which is one reason why we are able to lower the cost of products and make it affordable to our customers.